What You Need to Know About an Elder Care Plan?

As a loved one ages or has recently been diagnosed with a serious mental or physical condition, it can require the use of an elder care plan or the quick creation of an elder care plan. Your elder care plan can be an organizational tool or an agreement with a loved one or even a formal contract that is used to coordinate payment or necessary care services.

These plans can vary in level of detail but it is strongly recommended that if you have specific wishes about your individual care plan that you do the necessary work to document these in full. One of the most important things you can do is understand the process of creating a comprehensive care plan as you get older. This includes:

  • Assessing the current caregiving situation, such as what care is already being provided.
  • Identifying the overall goals of care and expectations.
  • Creating a comprehensive care team and deciding which professionals might already exist in your community or network and which ones might have to be contacted separately.
  • Match the necessary solutions with the care members you have identified.
  • Look at other senior care resources.
  • Put the care plan into action.

All of these situations can be discussed directly with an experienced estate planning attorney who can help you to navigate these complex decisions and important questions that might need to be asked as you go forward.

Schedule a consultation today with an estate planning attorney who can help you to ensure that your most important issues are addressed in your care plan and your loved ones are not put in the difficult situation of having to go to court to try to determine what you wanted.

Our Michigan elder law planning attorneys have a few offices to help you ensure you get the support you need.


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