When is the Right Time to Meet with an Elder Law Attorney?

The truth is that there is no wrong time to sit down with a Michigan elder law attorney. But knowing what you hope to accomplish with your elder law plan can help you determine that it’s in your best interests to schedule this meeting before you have an urgent need, such as needing to qualify for Medicaid to pay for a nursing home.

Some of the most key questions answered in an elder law plan should be thought about well in advance of a crisis. What kind of care you want to receive, who has the ability to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so, and how your assets might be used to pass on to your loved ones as well as fund your own healthcare needs are just a few reasons why you want to speak with a trusted elder law attorney right away.

During your initial conversation, you’ll discuss your key issues and questions for your elder plan. This is also your chance to get your questions answered when it comes to what documents you might need and how you should approach the process. The support of an elder lawyer can be instrumental in helping to point you in the right direction. An attorney is a very valuable asset when you’re not sure what you need or how you can best proceed.

Don’t let your elder care plan be ignored. Have a goal for setting up a meeting with your elder law attorney now so you that you can plan ahead for your own future successfully.

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