Deborah McClorey

As a Medicaid Specialist, Deb works diligently to gather all of the proper financials and documents to assist in emergency Medicaid applications. When a client comes into the office overwhelmed that their spouse or parent has gone into a nursing home and they don’t know how they will come up with the money to pay for their loved one’s care, Deb works with the family and the attorney to quickly and accurately prepare a plan that addresses their individual situation.

Deb’s attention to detail and kind manner are welcomed by her co-workers, clients and their families. She understands what families are going through, and what specific issues may hold up a Medicaid application, and works diligently to ensure the process allows for a smooth transition for the family. Her ultimate goal is the same as the rest of the team…to help families find peace of mind.

Deb is a hometown girl, born and raised in Cass City. She has a son, Aaron, who attends Grand Valley State University. Her hobbies include sewing, quilting, cooking, restoring homes, cats, just being outdoors and loving life.